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The Avon Community Development Foundation (ACDF) is an incorporated community organisation. Its significant membership reflects representation from Local and State Government, politicians, private citizens, education and training institutions, industry, commerce and business.

Strategic direction is steered by an the elected ACDF Board of nine outstanding business and industry leaders from the Avon region.

ACDF employs a Chief Executive Officer, Mr Paul Tomlinson, to carry out the operations of the Foundation. ACDF's culture and success has centered on this formula with the Chief Executive Officer implementing the goals and objectives through a process of partnership, facilitation and direction.

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Mortlock Gardens 12 500x320ACDF Mission Statement

Rural revitalisation based on job growth.

Broader Goals

ACDF have broader goals to contribute to:

1. Stabilised population and controlled growth;
2. Improved social infrastructure providing better health and education facilities; and
3. Better lifestyle in a clean healthy environment for all members of the community.


The organisation has the following objectives:

  1. Create Jobs
    1. Improve existing industry;
    2. Facilitate new, environmentally acceptable industry; and
    3. Attract and foster commercial enterprise.
  2. Improve Services
    1. Market existing services more effectively;
    2. Develop special services; and
    3. Create demand through controlled population growth.
  3. Improve Quality of Life
    1. Better housing;
    2. Improved services including better health and education facilities; and
    3. Employment security and quality jobs.


To develop a prosperous and thriving community of the 21st century for the Avon Valley community of Western Australia through a co-operative, innovative effort.

The Aim and the Idea

To improve the quality of life within the Avon region through the creation of quality jobs and better health and education facilities for present and future generations.


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